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About Us

We at Technical Ego try to give everyone Quality Knowledge about the Technology World.

Our blogs deeply explain every single creative thing that you can do with your Smartphone and Laptops.

Our Blogs include tricks related to Android Devices, it’s Applications which include Social media Apps like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook & Messenger.

There is Much more to be found in the quality Blogs. So make sure to follow us to get the latest and best Posts on time.

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Pranjal Singh who is the founder and admin of Technical Ego is a young blogger with Interest in technology, coding, website development and SEO and much more.

We believe in quality over Quantity. We always try to give most accurate information and to ensure that solutions present in our blog are helpful to everyone out there.

Pranjal believes that Feedback from our Awesome users can help us to become better. So, If you see anything which can be improved or your own suggestions and appreciation, you can message to Our Facebook Page or use our Contact Form.

Currently, our aim is to do everything by which we can Promote Technical Ego so that more and more people around the Globe can get their queries solved and acquire awesome tricks so that they fully Enjoy the functions of their Smartphone.

We also make sure that the Information we display on our site is accurate and Latest. In case any Post seems to be outdated or the Information doesn’t work for you, you can always comment it down in the comment section or write your valuable feedback in the Contact Form.




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