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10 Best And Free Camera Apps for Android (2018)

People who do the best photography from Android Camera always choose one Thing well:

They choose the Best Android Camera App available for Free.

But you may be Wondering:

“Which is the Best Camera App for Android in 2018?”

To help you guys, I downloaded and tested some of the Best Professional Camera Apps which are available for Free. 

And today I am here, presenting you the Best Android Camera Apps.

Want to know the Best Part?

I will also tell you the Best Modes and Settings from which You can get the Best Photos like this One below.

best camera app

Here is a quick glance at the Camera Apps I am going to show You:

Camera Apps Covered


bacon camera logo - best free camera appBacon Camera

Full Manual Control of Focus, Shutter speed, ISO and Much More

cameringo free and best camera appCameringo

Supports Incognito, Planet Photography, Histogram, Prefocus capture  and Much More

camera 51 logo - best camera appCamera51

Shows You a Viewfinder with which you can get the Best Shot

camera mx best camera appCamera MX

Features like Shoot-The-Past, Live Shot, Live Effects, Overlays and Much More

snap camera best camera appSnap Camera

DSLR Style Camera with total control on Every Single Setting

beauty plus camera appBeauty Plus

Selfie focused Camera with Features like Anime, Emoji overlay, Filters and Much More

Camera fv-5Camera FV-5 Lite

Full control over all your Camera Features including Shutter Speed, ISO and others.

open camera appOpen Camera

It will fulfill all your Basic demands for Photography.


It has some cool sets of predefined frames in which you can embed your live Picture.


footej cameraFootej Camera

Basic Camera with horizon Level and various types of Guidelines.


So Here We Go :

Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera is one of the Best and Free Camera App which will Fulfill your Desire for Capturing Professional  Photographs from your Android Phone.

bacon camera app

From Focus Number to Shutter Speed, ISO to White Balance, this Camera App will cover it all.

Yes, you read it Right:

You can also Tune your Picture in the App.

It even allows you to shoot GIF within the App.

Want to know the Best Part :

Bacon Camera App is totally Free.

You can download Bacon Camera from Here. (Google Play Link)

Note – Some features may not be supported by some Android devices.

Unique Features of Bacon Camera

Focus: You Can Manually adjust Focus values so that you best Background Blur on Every Photo.

It will show you a Focus Pull Bar so you Can Manually Adjust Focus Numbers.

bacon android camera app

Pro Tip – Choose Higher Focus values for Closer Objects and Less Focus Value for Objects which are placed at a distance. If you follow this You can get the best bokeh Effect.

Shutter Speed – Shutter Speed is the amount of Time in which the camera’s shutter opens.

You can manually adjust the shutter speed for the Camera.

But I will suggest to use it only if you are familiar with it as wrong shutter speed may blur the whole image.

GIF: You can also Click GIF within the App and also with Great Ease.

The only Problem I ever had was that once when I was shooting a GIF, Bacon stopped to Respond

Let me know in the Comment Section if you are also facing such problem.

HDR – You can also click HDR Photos from Your Android phone.

best camera appWith HDR

best camera appWithout HDR

You can see the difference HDR will make on your Photo.

I think I don’t need to utter a single word,

The two Pictures explains it all.

Pro Tip – Use HDR for outdoor photography when too much Sunlight cause bright glare or dark shadows.

It will help your Photo to look Even.

Also, you can use HDR in dark environment when there is too much backlight.

HDR can brighten up the foreground without washing out the well-lit portions of your photo.

Pic tune – You can even adjust brightness, contrast, JPEG quality and Sharpness before capturing the image.

Other than this it also supports common features such as ISO, White balance, Timer, and others.

Cameringo Lite 

If you are a modern photographer who loves to take Photos with Filter,

Then Cameringo should be your Choice.

Cameringo has a lot of interesting features which make it shine in the crowd of Camera apps.

cameringo camera app

It will cover every feature of Bacon Camera except focus value.

The best part is :

It also adds some features which you will not find in any other Camera app.

Its lite version is totally free to use and in my opinion, there is no need to buy any else feature.

It will surely make your Android device camera a lot more unique.

To Download Cameringo Lite from Here. (Google Play Store)

Note – Some features availability might depend on Android Device.

Unique features of Cameringo Lite


Incognito Mode – Cameringo adds an incognito mode to secretly capture an image if you need to.

It basically shows a Math Problem bu on the background camera is running and you can capture your image by just touching the screen.

Planet: It basically makes your Picture go Round.

Funny isn’t it ;

You can click some hilarious selfies which will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face.

GIF: You can also GIF images within the app just like Bacon Camera.

No need for any external App.

Filters: Filters are trendy in 2018, Right?

Yes, it is trending and will be trending for the Upcoming Year

Cameringo also has some of the live filters which you can use to create some awesome effects in your Photos.

Horizon Level: You can also know whether your camera is properly aligned with the subject or not.

When your android camera will be properly aligned, the horizon level indicator will glow yellow.

Guidelines: Cameringo has a lot of Guidelines which may help you in taking a better photo from your Android camera.

Sometimes, they are too much useful.

Other than these, Cameringo also has features like ISO, White balance, Tap to Shoot, Prefocus Capture.

You can also Adjust Temperature, Saturation, Intensity, Contrast, Exposure, and Brightness live.

Camera MX

Camera MX is the New Generation’s Camera app for 2018.

Do you know why I said that?

Because Camera MX has features which are lovable for every teenager.

camera mx

Whether you want Awesome Filters, Overlays or some of the unique features that any camera app has,

Camera MX will Cater all your needs.

Best Part:

It is a Free Camera App.

It doesn’t end here:

You will fall in love with the UI. (At least some of you 😉  )

Download right from Google Play by clicking Here.

Unique Features of Camera MX

Overlays: These are beautiful pieces of translucent art which make your Image a lot more stylish.

Use them according to your Subject and Background and you will get the best results.

camera mx

Shoot-The-Past: Trust me, this feature is much useful when you are a capturing a moving object

Let suppose that we are taking an image of a moving dog.

You clicked that Image but the Pose is not that good.

Here is the magical remedy:

This mode will help you go back in the time and save the perfect Shot.

Pretty impressive, right?

Let me know in the comment section.

Pro Tip: Keep the camera still when using Shoot-The-Past to get the best possible Frames.

Live Shot: Have you ever been in a situation where you wonder whether you should click Photo or shoot a video of the Subject.

With this feature, you cover both at the same time.

Yes, it is true.

You will get a high-quality image and a short length video also

Go with what you need.

Pro-tip: You can also use these videos to create a GIF by clicking on the 3 dots.

Filters and Frames: Camera MX comes with lots of live filters and frames which definitely worth a try.

You can apply every filter and frame live while taking the Photo.

Other than these features Camera MX includes HDR,  guidelines, Timer.


Camera 51 is a basic camera,

But you may be wondering why I am listing it?

Here is the Reason:

Camera51 is meant for beginners who often make mistake while placing the camera at right angle.

camera 51

If you don’t align your camera properly with your subject,

Then you are not going to get the perfect shot.

Download right into your android by clicking Here.

Unique Features of Camera51

Viewfinder: When you are clicking a picture with Camera51,

It will show a box which indicates to where place the camera.

By aligning the camera icon the screen to the box,

You will get the best possible shot.

Pro Tip: If you want manual settings of ISO, Focus like in Bacon android camera app then

you should not go for Camera51 as it does not allow to do some of the manual settings.

Snap Camera

Do you want a DSLR style Camera?

Do you want full control over every single setting on a camera?

If yes then Snap Camera App is the perfect app for your Android phone.

snap camera

Trust me this is Super Crazy.

I mean just look at the functions,

You can even set the contrast, exposure, saturation for HDR images to be clicked.

It has so much option that a beginner can get lost in it.

I recommend Snap Camera only to those who are a little bit experienced in photography.

A beginner may set the setting wrong.

But you can always give it a try.

The free version will start with a delay of 10 minutes.

But here is the remedy:

If you close your mobile data,

The camera will start without a delay.

You can download Snap Camera by clicking Here.

Note – Some features may not be supported by some Android devices.

Unique Features of Snap Camera

Rotating Wheel: Snap camera has a DSLR style rotatable wheel on the bottom.

You can rotate this dialer to change the camera modes.

And trust me,

It gives the amazing feel.

The modes include HDR, Macro, Raw and many more.

Enhance Ambiance & Contrast: You can change Ambiance, brightness and almost every similar things according to your needs.

No need for any external editing application.

Note – Guys there are so many features in Snap Camera that if I  list them all then the post will become too much boring.

You can always give a try to Snap camera.

But in my opinion, you will get confused about the features.

The Choice is yours.


The young generation is selfie lover.

So, if you are a selfie lover then BeautyPlus is for you.


BeautyPlus has everything which will help you to beautify your skin.

The best Part about BeautyPlus Camera App is that it keeps adding new features with every update.

Trust me;

You will love this selfie camera app.

Click Here to download BeautyPlus from the Google Play.

Unique features of BeautyPlus

Skin Editor: Beauty camera whitens your skin tone to remove sun tan.

This contributes to perfect face and selfie pictures.

Blemish remover lets you make pimples and other skin problems disappear with just a tap.

Eyes: It can remove dark circles with ease.

At the same time, it brightens up your eyes

Or you can simply make it large to look even more marvelous.

Selfie Filters: From dramatic to Romantic, BeautyPlus has one of the best collection of filters for selfies.

AR FILTERS: Well, if you love AR filters then;

BeautyPlus got you covered.


BeautyPlus has some of the most amazing AR filters which you can ever get.

The best part is:

New AR filters get automatically added.

And BeautyPlus’s features list goes on and on.

It has its own Beauty mode, Photo editor and many other features which you will love.

Make Sure to give BeautyPlus a try.

Camera FV-5

Sometimes Good things come with a little limitation.

Why am I saying that?

Because the situation is same as in Camera FV-5 Lite.

It gives us much control over the camera.

But the reason for which I am listing it at the bottom is that its free camera app doesn’t give us that much flexibility.

The biggest drawback is that it only gives us the resolution of 2 megapixels.

That is too much rude.

camera fv5

But if that is not a matter of concern for you,

Then Camera FV-5 is for you.

Or you can buy its pro version.

Which, in my opinion, doesn’t make any sense.

As you can experience the same feature on the camera apps I have listed above.

But camera apps always have some unique features.

To download Camera FV-5 Lite, click Here.

Note – Some features may not be supported by some Android devices.

Unique features of Camera FV-5 lite

Focus Mode: Camera FV-5 lite has got some of the best Focus Modes.

These can help you in taking your pictures with precision from your Android camera app.

You have to manually explore them to get the one which exactly suits your condition.

Here is the Wow factor:

You can also adjust focus values just like you could in Bacon Camera App.

Shutter Speed: Camera FV-5 Lite also allows us to change the shutter speed priority.

Just like which you can do in Bacon Camera App.

It contains all the basic features like ISO, White Balance, Exposure, Burst Mode and some others.

All these will boost up your Android photography experience.

But all this come at the cost of reduced image quality.

The choice is always yours.

Open Camera

Do you want a camera with no Ads?

You can go open source camera app.

open camera

Coolest profit:

It is only of 1.4 MB

If any of the above camera apps don’t support your phone,

You can always give Open Camera a try.

Open Camera will satisfy all your basic needs.

The reason why I have listed it below is that of its UI.

In my opinion, the UI seems to be a little bit complicated for beginners.

But if you are okay with the UI,

Then make sure to check out Open camera app.

To download Open camera from Google Play Store, click Here.

Unique Features of Open Camera

Small Size: Open camera app is only of 1.4 MB.

Yes, you read it right.

You will get a large number of features in such a small size camera.

Open Source: The camera is free to use without any Ads.

You will never get any advertisement on your Android camera app

Other features of the Open camera include Auto-stabilisation, Focus modes,

ISO, HDR, Exposure Bracketing.


Cymera is a camera which focuses mainly on beautifying selfies.

It’s a selfie-centric app.


It has some amazing filters and beauty modes.

Cymera is available on Google Play Store, click Here.

Its most uniques features are listed below:

Unique features of Cymera

Collage: Honestly speaking,

My most lovable feature in Cymera is Collage.


Might you be thinking “Whats the new in Collage? I can do it with my Image editing Application.”

But, something is different here;

You can get a “Beautified and Filter applied live collage.”

Does that sound awkward?

I am too bad at naming things.(Probably)

You have to just click your pictures and Cymera will automatically adjust it in the frame.

The final results which you will get in Cymera would be awesome.

You are going to love it.

Filters: Like BeautyPlus, Cymera has got some awesome collection of filters.

You can try every filter in real time and choose the one which suits your personality.

Yes, it’s that much simple.

Footej Camera

Footej camera app is a simple camera app which has a minimalistic UI.

It doesn’t provide that many features but still it is able to overcome stock android camera app.

footej camera

You can get some decent shots if you are a beginner.

It has got some features which are basically available in other Android camera apps also.

You can download it from Google Play Store, by clicking Here.

Let’s talk about its features.

Unique features of Footej Camera

It has features like Burst Mode, Horizon Level, HDR Slow Motion(will not work on some Phones), White balance, Exposure which are decent features if you are a beginner.

Otherwise, Footej camera does not have that much to offer in terms of manual modes.


So, here is the right choice for you in my opinion:

If you want a camera with DSLR like manual controls,

Then you should go for either Bacon Camera or Snap Camera.

If you want some of the cool and latest features,

then you should go for Cameringo lite or Camera MX.

And if you are selfie lover,

Then you should go for BeautyPlus or Cymera.

Bottom Line

So here comes the end of the Post.

Hope you guys learned something new from my Post.

I did a lot of research to bring you this post.

If you are confused which Android Camera is right for you,

You can always comment on the post or contact me using the contact form or Facebook.

Feel free to comment on the post.

I will be happy if you do so.

And Please Share the post on your favorite social site.

You can also follow us on our social media account to get some exclusive Knowledge.

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