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How to save IGTV video

5 Ways to Save IGTV Video That Work Super Fast

This Guide will tell you every single way to Save IGTV Video or Instagram TV Video to your Android phone or PC.

You will see the step-by-step procedure to do each of the methods mentioned.

The best part:

You can also use these methods to save a normal Instagram video.

Here are the methods that you are going to know about:

(You can jump to any of the methods by just clicking on them)

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Save IGTV video without any Third Pary App or Website

If you don’t want any Third-Party App to enter into you lovable phone.

If you don’t want to go to any random site just for the sake of saving IGTV video.

Then I got you covered.

You can save IGTV video to your Android device or PC without any Third-Party App or Website.

How to save IGTV video


Here is the complete procedure:

  • Open the IGTV video which you want to download.
  • Click on the three dots on the left side of the Browse Button.
  • Click on “Copy Link” option.

Now there is no need to keep the Instagram app open.

We will do the rest of work on Chrome Browser.

  • Write the following code on the address bar of the Chrome Browser:


  • After writing the code, paste the above-copied URL on the Address Bar(Make sure it’s just after the code.)
  • Click on the three dots menu in Chrome and choose “Find in Page”.
  • Search for .mp4 in the search bar.
  • Copy the complete URL starting from https up to .mp4.
  • Paste copied URL on the address bar of the Chrome.

And Congo

Your video will be right there in front of your eyes, ready to be downloaded.

You may already see download option just below your video.

If not, then long press the video and click on “Download video”.

Download process will instantly start.

Save IGTV video by using Facebook Messenger

Are you a regular user of Facebook Messenger?

If yes, Then I have a special trick for you.

I am going to tell you about the way to save IGTV video by using Facebook Messenger.

Yes, you heard it right.

Facebook Messenger can be used to save IGTV video.

And the process is simple and easy-to-do.

Here is how to do it(step-by-step):

  • Search for Repost Bot in the Facebook Messenger and set it up.
  • Open the IGTV video which you want to save.
  • Click on the three dots button on the left side of the Browse button.
  • Choose “Copy Link” option.
  • Now send the link of the IGTV video to Repost Bot.
  • You will get download button for the Video in few seconds.
  • Click on that and you are all set to go.

video download from igtv

The download process will start shortly.

Now, you have got a virtual friend on Facebook which will provide you the download link for every IGTV video.

Want to know a cool fact?

This friend will never betray you.😂

Save IGTV video by using Third Party App

Downloading IGTV video by a Third Party is a fast and convenient method.

Here’s the awesome lifehack,

You can use a Single app to download IGTV video, Instagram Photo and Instagram Video.

In the Post “How to Save Instagram Photos”, I told you about the app “Save and Repost for Instagram” which can download Instagram Photos and Videos.

The goodness of the app is that it shows a very minimal amount of ads.

Now, it has got an awesome addition.

You can also download IGTV video by using the app itself.

Here’s the complete procedure:

  • First of all, install the app from Google Play (Click here ) and open it.
  • Either turn on the Instant Save Option or leave it untouched.

Instant Save option will instantly download your IGTV video as soon as its link is copied.

After the app is all set, follow the steps below:

  • Open your IGTV video.
  • Click on the three dots on the left side of the Browse button.
  • Click on the “Copy Links option”.

Now if the Instant Save Option is turned off,

You will receive a notification that the video is ready to Download.

You can start the download directly by clicking on Save Button.

And if the Instant Save Option is turned on,

Then what are you waiting for?

Go check your video is already downloaded!

Save IGTV video by using Third Party website

If you don’t want to give a single bit of your phone’s storage to a third-party app just for the sake of saving IGTV video, then don’t worry.

There is another possible way to save IGTV video by using third-party website.

I visited many websites which claimed to be an Instagram downloader to test if they can download an IGTV video.

As of now, I found a website with URL having the ability to save IGTV video.

The Best Part?

It shows almost no ads.

If you face any problem while accessing the website, let me know in the comment section so that I can mention another website which will serve you better.

The procedure is simple and easy-to-do.

You just have to copy the link of the IGTV video and paste it into a website to get its download link.

Here’s the way to do that :

  • Open your IGTV video which you want to download
  • Click on the three dots button(on the left side of the Browse button) and choose “Copy Link option”.

Now open the website( and paste the copied link in the empty field and hit Enter.

You will see a download button to download the IGTV video.

Click it and the download process will start without any further due.

Again if the site is not working or if you are not able to save IGTV video due to any reasons, let me know in the comment section so that I may help you accordingly.

Save IGTV Video by using Screen Recorder

IGTV videos are mobile videos which fill the whole screen vertically.

This opens the door to saving IGTV video by a screen recorder.

All you have to do is to download an app which has screen recording abilities.

I tested various apps which boasted of being the best screen recorder.

I found the app named “DU Recorder” which stands out from the crowd.

It is totally ad-free, has no recording time limit and allows you to record video of resolution up to 1080p without any watermark.

The best part?

You can trim the recorded video within the app.

Let’s dive right into the procedure:

  • Install the app from the Google Play Store(Click here) and open it.
  • Scroll your notification bar and click on the four blocks icon.
  • Navigate to the settings menu and Disable Watermark.

  • Turn on the option which says “Hide the record window when record”.
  • Open your IGTV video and pause it at the beginning.
  • Now scroll down your notification bar and start the recording.

Note- The recording will start with a delay of 3 seconds. You can change the time duration or turn it off in the settings menu.

  • Resume your IGTV video and end the recording when the video ends.

You can trim the video within the app to give it a final touch.

Are the above methods safe, Pranjal?

Yes, surely the above methods are safe to use as these require no sensitive information.

You should never violate other people’s copyright by downloading their content without their consent.

Instagram has a whole article on its copyright policy.

Make sure to read it.

None of the above methods require any sensitive data like your username and password to save IGTV video.

In my opinion, you should never use any third-party app or website which require your login information.

It may be possible that some of them may not be harmful.

But as you already know, your account’s security is in your hand.

Finally,  you have read 4 unique ways to save IGTV video.

What should be your first step?

Comment down your personal favorite way of downloading IGTV video.

And if you have any problem or suggestion, leave them in the comment section.

I will be happy to get back to you.😊

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