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5 Insane Ways to Save Instagram Photos That Work FAST

Want to save Instagram Photos?

Then, this is the most comprehensive guide to the topic “How to save Instagram Photos?” on this planet.

In this post, I am breaking down 4 different ways to save pictures from Instagram.

There is 100 % guarantee that one of these methods will definitely suit your needs.

The best part?

I have included the method to download pictures even from a Private account.

Let’s get started.

And here are the methods you’ll know about in this post:

Note: Its always better to take the consent of the user whose photos you are going to download. Instagram has a whole article on its Copyright Policy. Make sure to read it.

Save Instagram Photos without any Third Party App or Website:

Yes, it’s possible to download Instagram Photos without any Third Party app or even Website.

All you have to do is some simple navigation within your Chrome Browser.

Here’s the Wow factor:

You can even download pictures from a Private account.

Note: If this method feels a bit long for you then check out other faster methods mentioned below.

Save Instagram photo without any app

Here’s how to save Instagram photos without any third party app or website:

  • Open the Picture which you want to save within the Instagram app or on the website in case you are using PC.
  • Click on the three Dots present on the top of the image in the Android app or on the bottom of the Post if you are using a PC.
  • Click on “Copy Link” if you are using an Android Device or on “Go to Post” if you are using PC. (If you don’t see “Go to post” option in your PC, then just skip this step. You don’t need to do this.)

Instagram web

Note: If the user account from which you are saving the picture is private,

you will not see the “Copy Link” option in the Android App.

Here is a simple hack to overcome this obstacle:

  • Open Instagram’s web version in your Chrome Android Browser by simply visiting and login to your account.
  • Open the Private account from where you want to save the Instagram photo and click on the three dots menu.
  • Click on Go To Post.
  • Now copy the link from the address instagram photo of a private account


For Android Device:

  • Now, open Chrome Browser in your Device and write the following code in the address bar:


  • Now paste the copied link from Instagram to the address bar after the above code and press Enter. A screen with numerous codes will open.


For PC users:

  • Right click on the webpage and choose “View Page Source”.

download instagram photo of private account

  • Press “Ctrl+F” or Click on the three dots menu in the Chrome Browser and choose “Find in page”.
  • Enter .jpg in the search bar.

Note: You can also try other image extensions in case this doesn’t work.

But for almost every case .jpg will do the work.

  • Copy the whole URL (from https:// up to .jpg) in which the .jpg is written.

download Instagram photo without any app

  • Paste the URL in a new tab on Chrome or within the same tab and press enter button.


The Photo is at your fingertips.

You can zoom it within the Chrome browser if you want to.

To download the image, long press on the Image(in Android) or right click on the image(in PC) and simply click on “Download image” and all the work is done.

The photo is now in your local storage where you can access it anytime and anywhere.

If this feels tricky to you then don’t worry we got other methods covered too.

Save Instagram photos by using Facebook Messenger

Yes, you read it right!

It’s possible to save Instagram photos with the use of Messenger only.

To do this,  you have to go through the following steps:

  • Open Facebook Messenger with your ID logged in.
  • Search for “Repost Bot” in the Messenger itself.
  • Click “Get started” after you open the bot.
  • Now simply copy the link of the Image from the Instagram app and send it to Repost bot.
  • In a few seconds, Repost bot will automatically send you the download option from where you can download the picture to your local storage instagram photo by messenger

In this way, you can avoid handling those complex codes and download your desired photo easily.

Note: This will not work for photos from Private account.

Save Instagram Photos by using Third-Party App

If you want to download Instagram photos even faster, then you should install a third party app.


Never download those apps which require you to login to your Instagram account.

Some of them may be harmful to your account safety and privacy.

So, I decided to test apps which don’t require login information and pick up the best of them.

My criteria to judge the best Instagram downloader was on the basis of the number of ads shown and my personal experience with the app.

And as of now, I found an app named “Save & Repost for Instagram”.

You can always choose your favorite Instagram downloader by searching “Instagram photo downloader” or related queries in Google Play Store.

According to my short time personal experience with the app, I found the app shows a very minimum amount of ads and it provides two ways to save Instagram Photos.

It basically allows you to toggle Instant Save option.

If the option is turned on, then download process will start immediately after you have copied the link of an Instagram Photo.

If the option is turned off, then the app will display a notification in the notification tray about the availability of the Photo.

Want to know the best part?

You can instantly download your desired photo by clicking the“Save” button in the notification.

This option will be helpful to you if you copy the link of an Instagram Photo for purposes other than saving them.

If you face any problem with the app, let me know in the comment section and I will find a new app and change this one with the new one.

Step by Step procedure to do this:

  • Install the app from Google Play Store (Search for “Save & Repost for Instagram” by Whoozy Inc.) and open it up.
  • Switch on Instant Save Option or keep it turned off as per as your choice.
  • Now click the three dots above your desired Instagram Photo.
  • Click and choose “Copy Link” instagram photo by third party app

Congrats, you have done your part of work nicely.

The app will take care of rest of the work itself.

If you switched on the Instant Save option then the download process will start automatically.

If not, then you will receive a notification that the photo is ready to download.

Save Instagram Photos by using Third Party Website

If you don’t want to download an app for downloading Instagram photos, then you should keep reading.

Third party sites are useful when you are accessing Instagram on PC or your Android device has less available storage. is one of the websites which shows a minimum amount of ads and is fast to access.

You can search for other Instagram Photo downloader by searching “Instagram Photo Downloader” or related queries in the Google Play Store.

Note: This method will not work for photos from a Private account.

Step by step procedure to do this:

  • All you have to do is to open the three dots menu and choose Copy Link from it if you are an Android user or “Go to Post” if you are a PC user.
  • Open  on your Android device or PC.
  • Now, directly paste the above-copied link in the empty field if you are using an Android Device or copy the URL in address bar and paste it in the empty field if you are using PC.
  • Click on the Download Button.
  • After some time, another button will appear.
  • Click that button to start downloading your Photo.instagram downloader

It’s as simple as like that.

Save Instagram Photos by taking Screenshot

You probably already know that you can take the screenshot of Instagram Photos to save them on your device and crop it with a Photo Editor.

I will not go deeper into this topic.

The concept is too simple and there is nothing to explain more.

After all, everyone knows about this, Dude.

The following question may be arising in your mind:

Are the above methods safe Pranjal?

Yes, all of the above methods are safe unless you violate the copyright of other Instagram user by downloading their copyrighted Photos without their consent.

As we mentioned above, Instagram has a whole article on its Copyright policy. I highly recommend you to read it.

One of the cases in which your account security can become vulnerable is:

When you downloaded an app which requires you to login to your Instagram account with your username or password.

You should also note that,

It may be possible that all the apps which require login credentials may not be harmful.

Maybe, they are only generating money by showing you ads.

But some of them may be malicious and they may pose harm to your account security.

So my advice to you would be to use only the apps which don’t require any login information.

Rest is your choice.

All the apps or website shown above don’t require you to sign in to your Instagram account.

You can use them as long you are satisfied with their service.

You have finally read the 5 most Insane ways to Download Instagram Photos.

So, What should be your First Step?

Comment down the method you are going to use to Download Instagram Photos.

If any problem arises, remember I am here to Help You.


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