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who viewed my instagram

Who Viewed My Instagram Profile for Free (100% Working and Official Method)

who viewed my instagramNever! download those Fake apps and Web pages that promise to identify who visited my Instagram but do nothing.

I am gonna tell you how will you know that who stalks my Instagram without any third party app or website for free.


Sounds Cool, it is ;

Coming straight to the topic;

There is nothing like Instagram stalker app. All those Apps on the Play Store and Websites and are fake.

But you can know who watched your Instagram Profile without any Third-party App by the Method I will tell you in this article.

So Some Days back there was an Update for Instagram in Which they added a feature of HIGHLIGHTS.

So now the Question arises that What is this Highlight feature and How will Highlights Feature help you to know who viewed my Insta account?

If you are using Instagram for a while, chances are you probably know about Instagram stories.

These are the images which are uploaded to Instagram and they Disappear after 24 hours. You can also see who viewed your stories as this feature is built into Instagram App.

The Highlights feature sticks the story to your profile page until you delete it from there. Means the Images remain on your Profile Page even after 24 hours.who viewed my instagram

From Now onwards whoever will open your Instagram profile, chances are that they will also click that image of your story that you made a highlight.

And the work is done;

The person will be listed on Instagram as the person who saw your highlight and You will be able to know who viewed your Instagram by the “Seen by” button.who viewed my instagram

So by Just doing a little tweak and making an attractive Highlight, you can know who stalks my Instagram.


  1. Open Instagram App, make sure it is updated to the latest version or Download the latest version from Here and log in to your account.
    You will see a camera button on the left of Instagram branding.who saw my instagram
  2. On clicking it, you will see that camera will open and there is a small button for adding images on the left side of capture button.
  3. If you want to capture the story then you can go ahead and click the capture button. But I will always suggest you that the photo should be attractive so that it gets more hits on your Profile and you can know who has been stalking around your Instagram profile.
  4. If you want to upload the story from your local storage then click that button and your gallery will open
  5. Choose your pic and edit it within the Instagram app if you want to.
  6. Then click on “Your story” on the bottom and right of Save. After some time your story will be postedwho visited my instagram
  7. Open your Story After it has been posted successfully, you will see a button of Highlight on the right side of the three dots menu button.who viewed my instagram
  8. After clicking it You will be asked to name the highlight.
  9. Again I will advise you to add a catchy name so that stalker cannot resist clicking on it.
  10. Now when you will click on Add button, your highlight will be placed on your Instagram profile.who viewed my instagram

Now a kind of video camera is placed on your Instagram profile that will tell who viewed your profile.

And  whoever will open your Profile, chances are that he will also click that image of your story that you made a highlight;


He is  Caught!

To know who viewed your highlight, click on that highlight and at the bottom, you will see the option of “Seen BYwho viewed my instagramClick on that and you will know who viewed your Instagram ID with their respective username.who viewed my instagram freeSo, Now you know how to fit a kind of video camera to your profile to identify all the stalkers out there ;-D

It does not end here;


To get the best results make sure you create an attractive image of yours on that highlight.
The name plays a big role in getting attention.

Decide a name which can tempt stalker easily.

Your Picture will be in portrait mode.


Just think how can an app bypass the security system of Instagram. This is nearly Impossible for the apps available on the Play store.

If you do not believe me, then go and check out reviews of the Apps.

They just present any of your random followers as your Profile viewer and Provide you with Fake Information.

At the end of the Day :

Whats the Proof of Information!

As every other app on Playstore also requires you to Log into Instagram from that particular App.

By doing this they can store your Passwords and Login ID and can put your account of on a serious Danger.

So always stay away from those fake apps. The only thing you are going to get by downloading those apps is tons of ads. Nothing more than that.

Is the Data shown by this Trick Accurate?

You might be thinking:

How to know that the information shown about the stalkers is accurate?

The answer is Simple:

Instagram monitors every activity of your account. It actually monitors every Account which is created on its Platform.

Since it is monitoring every activity of the account, it means it is also tracking all the clicks of a user on every Photo and Profile.

So you never have to worry about the usernames displayed in the Result. Everything is 100% accurate.

Is this Method Safe?

The method that I showed in this article is done right on the official App without any Third Party app.

Do not Worry!

All of your personal information is protected by the Instagram App.

You are totally free of any Security Risk.

There is no need to Panic.


If any problem occurs in the process, I am always here to help you. Just drop a comment or message me on Technical Ego Facebook Page and I will soon respond to you. 🙂

And please guys if you liked the post please Share it with your Friends. This will help me a lot.


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